Welcome to the new reservation system where you can easily find and reserve your table in many places in Cyprus.

The Booky platform developed and designed in a way that gives the opportunity to the owner of the restaurant, cafe, bar, club or any other place to have the full control of the reservations. It also gives the ability to manage the reservations and to post any offers would like in the blog of Booky.

The users of the system can reserve their tables online and free in just three single steps. The required information from the users are the name, the surname, the email and the contact phone number as these personal details are required for a reservation. In cases that the user wants to cancel a reservation, is easy to do it through the "My dashboard" section on the top right corner of the website.

The user can earn also reward points where can redeem them after the achievement of 1000 or 2000 reward points. More information about the rewards can be found here.


Once the user submit the reservation, the request is pending for approval. At the time the reservation confirmed, the user will receive an email with the confirmation of the reservation.

The reservation is NOT valid until the user receive the confirmation email.

Any place that would like to be part of Booky can contact us through our contact details.

Booky is here and ready to provide you the easy of reservation. Enjoy it.


Booky Team